title sequence


The film Hidden Figures highlights the accomplishments of three women who were given little opportunity as black women in a male-dominant and unequal society. As a team, we were inspired by the story of marginalized women who defied their societal expectations and changed the world. By juxtaposing representational objects from the film and the endless wonder of outer space, we are saying that the possibilities they possessed as three great minds were endless. We find it important––now more than ever––to shed light on the unseen. So we honor these women by creating a title sequence that is visually classic and inspiring to convey how magnificent their achievements were.  


Miguel Lee


Quinta Yu
Tiffany Shen


3D Modeling
Video Editing

see process below

initial phase + sketches

Our initial phase of this title sequence started by listing key items that we found important to the story. We came up with a short list of objects that emphasized the idea of women working at NASA in a male's society.

After choosing the key objects we focused on our pacing of the story and what order we wanted these objects to appear in. We laid our sequence out on a table and sketched them on paper so that we could quickly move, change, and visualize our overall storytelling.


Our first version of this project was rendered in Arnold. We then revised and re-rendered our entire sequence using Octane to obtain a realistic look.

movie references

References were grabbed from objects within the film. Some of these objects included: the chalkboard and ladder, office space, the "colored" bathroom sign, textures, and the IBM machines.