Hi, I'm Kayley!

I'm a Motion Designer and Graphic Designer based in Los Angeles, CA.

I realized I was a sucker for '90s romantic comedies when I first watched, “10 Things I Hate About You.” It’s your typical high school love story of a dreamy bad boy determined to win over the heart of an anti-social, stubborn girl. Despite popular opinion––who will tell you that the film isn't great––I found myself smiling from ear to ear as I watched the inevitable romance unfold before my eyes. I still feel the same way about the movie today. My lasting sentiments are what drive my passion for motion design and inspires me to evoke the same joy that will stand the test of time.

I want to create and be a part of something that leaves people imprinted with emotions that will transcend their expectations––enlightening them to the power of graphics in motion. Through this, I believe that perspectives can be changed, stereotypes can be broken, and creative minds can expand to their best potential. I plan to bring this dream into my collaboration with others to establish creative synergy between my peers, as well as my audiences. 

Get in touch with me!

Email: kkwdesign23@gmail.com
Phone: 316.619.5578
*resume available upon request